Copy Layout of Transition System

This plug-in can help in creating an animation for a mined Transition System (TS) using a given layout.

The plug-in takes two parameters: a first (imported) TS, and a second (mined) TS. The plug-in then copies the layout from the first TS to the second. This allows you to quickly change the layout for a mined TS. The images below shows an example of this. We imported the event log and the TS with the layout as shown, and then recreated from the event log the mined TS (using the same setting as were used to create the imported TS). We then run the plug-in on the imported ST and the mined TS, which copies the layout from the first to the second. If we then animate the mined TS on the event log, the animation will use the same layout for the TS as for the imported TS.

This plug-in is available as from version 6.10.123 of the TransitionSystems package, which was released on October 19, 2020.