CPNXML export (Petri net)

Exports a Petri net to a CPNXML file.


  • PetriNets


  • 6.10.149


  • A Petri net


  • A CPNXML (.cpn) file that can be imported by CPN Tools. The CPN model will have a single page that contains the Petri net. All places will have the color “Token”, which is basically an integer (serves as a case id, if you like). All arcs will have the annotation “token”, which is a variable of the color “Token”. This prevents tokens from different cases to mingle. The CPN model does not contain any monitors.

Node names

  • Empty node (place, transition) names are replaced by “(empty)”.
  • Duplicate node names are ‘unduplicated’ by adding a suffix. For example, if we have two node with an empty name, then the first node will have the name “(empty)” and the second node will have the name “(empty) 2”. If by chance a node exists in the Petri net that has already the name “(empty) 2”, then one of them will be changed to “(empty) 2 2”, andsoforth. In the end, all node names in the CPNXML are unique.

Below you see a snippet of the “a32” Petri net (an example Petri net containing 32 activities) exported from ProM and imported into CPN Tools.