First mirror for ProM Nightly Build package repository

A first mirror has been set up for the package repository of the ProM Nightly Build. As of old, this package repository has been located at (TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands), but now it can also be found at (QUT, Brisbane, Australia). As a result, users can now choose which repository to use, by changing the line with the PACKAGE_URL in the ProM.ini file.

TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


QUT, Brisbane, Australia



It is also possible to combine both, which will make the current ProM Nightly Build use the repository that reponded fastest when ProM started up:


If one of the repositories would be down, the ProM Nightly Build would then automatically start using the other.

Nightly Build only

For the moment, only the package repository for the ProM Nightly Build is mirrored at QUT. Possibly, in the near future, the package repositories of ProM releases (like ProM 6.8) will also be mirrored at QUT, but at the moment this is not yet the case.