Release 6.13.52 of DiSCover

Today, version 6.13.52 of the DiSCover package has been released. This release contains two updates to the DiSCover algorithm: Consistent subgraphs and less spurious silent transitions.

1. Consistent subgraphs

The subgraphs as generated by 6.13.52 are now consistent, meaning that they all originate from one and the same filtered directly-follows graph. In 6.12.50, every subgraph is also filtered, as a result of which inconsistencies may arise between different subgraphs. As all subgraphs now use one directly-follows graph, they are consintent among themselves.

2. Less spurious silent transitions

Many spurious silent transitions are prevented by 6.13.52. For this, the new version computes clusters formed by the silent transitions in every S-component, and produces places and transitions for every possible cluster only once. As a result, if multiple S-components share the same cluster of silent transitions, these cluster will generate places and transitions only once.


The net discovered in the same way as the net shown in Figure 10 from the paper cited below, but now using release 6.13.52.

The figure above shows that the issue with the O_DECLINED activity has now been solved: If O_DECLINED occurs, then A_DECLINED occurs as well.

It also shows that the issue with the four similar silent transitions next to A_FINALIZED has been solved: Only one of them is now produced.

The fact that the bottom part of the net now looks less nice (more complex) is the result of the fact that the subgraphs are not filtered anymore. Note, however, that the figure above shows that after A_APPROVED and A_REGISTERED have occurred, it is possible to skip A_ACTIVATED still. As such, it shows more behavior than the net shown in Figure 10.


H. M. W. Verbeek: Discovering an S-Coverable WF-net using DiSCover. In: Burattin, A.; Polyvyannyy, A.; Weber, B. (Ed.): Proceedings of the 2022 4th International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM 2022), pp. 64–71, IEEE, 2022, ISBN: 979-8-3503-9714-7.