Release 6.13.64 of DiSCover

Today, version 6.13.64 of the DiSCover package has been released. This release introduces two additional reduction options to remove simple silent transitions (silent transitions that have a single input and a single output) from the resulting Petri net. These two options can only be selected if the option to reduce has been selected, and only of them can be selected.

Step 8: Two additional reduction options.

Restricted option

Step 8: Selecting the restricted option.
This option will only reduce a simple silent transition if it has sibling silent transitions for both its input place and its output place.
The resulting Petri net. Note that many silent transitions have been reduced, but not all.

All option

Selecting the all option.
This option reduces all simple silent transitions.
The resulting Petri net. All simple silent transitions have been reduced.