Release 6.13.70 of DiSCover

Today, version 6.13.70 of the DiSCover package has been released. This release introduces options to filter the component matrices, to select a smallest subset of components that cover all activities, and to skip step 4 (which may take a long time).

Step 3: Filtering the root matrix.
This step now has an option to skip step 4.
Step 5: Selecting the components.
The option to select components that cover all activities has been added. If selected, a smallest set of components is selected that cover all activities. The older option to use ILP reduction has been renamed to select components that cover all activity sets.
Step 6: Filtering the component matrices.
The filters are similar to filtering the root matrix, but here a cell will only be filtered out if all component matrices agree that it can be filtered out.
Step 7: Checking the combined component graph.
Because of the new option to select component that cover all activities, only two components remain in this step.
The resulting Petri net.
Note that this net is simpler as the net that results from earlier releases.