Release 6.13.74 of DiSCover

Today, version 6.13.74 of the DiSCover package has been released. This release has replaced the option to reduce restricted simple silent transitions with an option to reduce clustered simple silent transitions, and adds the “DiSCover Petri net (Auto)” plug-in.

The benefit of the clustered reduce option is that after the reduction it is still the case that simple silent transitions do not directly follow each other, while with the restricted reduction this would be possible.

Step 8: The replaced reduction option.
The new option considers clusters of silent transitions, and replaces the entire cluster with a single simple silent transition.

The new “DiSCover Petri net (Auto)” plug-in looks for the best Petri net when ranging the absolute thresholds from 0 to 4 and the relative thresholds from 0 to 99.

The new plug-in.
The result of the new plug-in on the BPIC2012AO event log. This net was discovered using the value 1 for the the absolute thresholds and the value 20 for the relative thresholds. Note that this discovered net is not (relaxed) sound.