Release 6.13.104 of DiSCover

On July 12, version 6.13.104 has been released. Changes when compared to version 6.13.98:

  • Replaced filter using absolute threshold (pretty useless) with filter based on log skeletons. When setting the threshold to, say, 4, then all discovered constraints with confidence 96% or more are taken into account. Any trace that does not satisfy any of these constraint, will be filtered out. This filter precedes the filter using the relative threshold.
  • Positive and negative traces are taken into account when using the log-skeleton-based filtering.
  • Increased scales of the threshold form 0-10 to 0-100.
  • Using simple weighted average over all metrics instead of the balanced mean and power functions.
The dialog for the Xcavation plugin in this version: Log skeleton filter and metrics run up to 100.


As an example we run the Xcavation plugin on the log of the BPIC 2012 containing only the A and O events using the following configuration:

All possible filter thresholds, but do not use fitness or precision: Simply return the most simple net.

After some minutes, the result is shown:

The discovered simplest net.
The thresholds used for this net were 3 (for the log skeleton filter) and 70 (for the relative filter).

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  1. Today, I realized that the Xcavator plugin does not set the absolute threshold, which is still used in the DiSCover plugin it calls. As a result, the Xcavator plugin implicitly uses the last value that was set for this threshold, or the default value (1) if it has not been set yet.

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