New Feature: Noise level, also affects equivalence relation

Today, I have released version 6.9.62 of the LogSkeleton package. In this release, the thresholds have been replaced by a single noise level which can be set to 0, 1, 2, …, 19, or 20 percent. Furthermore, the equivalence relation (the ‘colors’ of the activities) now also takes this noise into account. As an example, consider the noise-free ‘a32f0n00’ and the corresponding noisy (10%) ‘a32f0n10’ event logs.

a32f0n00, the situation without noise, that is, the situation we would like to have
a32f0n10, noise level 0%
a32f0n10, noise level 1%
a32f0n10, noise level 2%
a32f0n10, noise level 3%

And we’re about there… it includes one additional constraint which is due to the fact that activity a occurs early while activity r occurs late in the process, but that’s about it.