New Features: Declare-like Constraints, Neighborhood, and Not Co-existence

Today, I have released version 6.9.44 of the LogSkeleton package. The new features in this release are:

  1. The Always After, Always Before, and Never Together constraints now use the Declare names: Response, Precedence, and Not Co-existence.
  2. The Response, Precedence, and Not Co-existence constraints now are visualized like in Declare, where Not Co-existence uses two orthogonal bars like Declare but possibly not in the middle of the arc.
  3. The Not Co-existence constraint can now also be visualized in a different (better?) way: Using dark red as color and in such a way that these constraints are ignored when layering the activities.
  4. An option has been added to show the neighborhood of the selected activities. This neighborhood includes all activities that are not selected but that are linked by a selected constrains from/to a selected activity. These neighborhood activities are shown without a border.
Not Co-existence
Neighborhood: The activities b, c, f, o, and [] are the neighborhood in this example