Release 6.13.87 of DiSCover

Today, version 6.13.87 of the DiSCover package has been released. This release comes with an “Xcavate Petri net” plug-in that replaces the “DiSCover Petri net (Auto)” plug-in. This new plug-in discovers a Petri net for a collection of filtering thresholds, and selects the best workflow net from these discovered Petri nets, taking into account a number of metrics:

  • Move-on-log fitness,
  • Move-on-model fitness,
  • Event-based precision,
  • Fraction of nodes over arcs, and
  • Fraction of labeled transitions over all transitions.

In this version, the secondary matrices are constructed from the traces that do not include a directly-follows pair that was explicitly filtered out from the root matrix. As a result, the secondary matrices need not be filtered, in which case the resulting S-components will be consistent.

Starting the new plug-in on the BPIC2012AO event log.
The plug-in in action. So far, the best result (approx. 0.753) is obtained using 0 as the absolute threshold and 18 for the relative threshold.
The result of the plug-in.
This shows that the discovered net scores approx. 0.884 and was obtained using 0 for the absolute threshold and 70 for the relative threshold.